Rembrandt Construction Inc. is dedicated to providing unmatched project development services for residential and commercial enterprises. Beginning with comprehensive development solutions that lay the groundwork for success and forge a clear path forward. We’ve established relationships with real estate and banking professionals to assemble deals allowing us to acquire, build, stage, manage, and sell projects of various types and complexity. Trust us to work with you closely by understanding and meeting your needs from start to finish.

Our experienced team has the expertise to complete:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Property Acquisition
  • Rezoning
  • Design
  • Permit Approvals
  • Construction Management
  • Market Development
Rembrandt Construction Inc

As a builder and developer, we focus on:

  • Forming Long-Term Business Relationships
  • Providing Seamless, End-to-End Development Services
  • Maximizing Project Control to Minimize Uncertainty
  • Making Informed Decision Through Efficient Alternate Design Evaluation and Real-Time Cost Modeling
  • Offering the Highest Investment Returns for All Project Stakeholders

While Rembrandt Construction, Inc., focus primarily on design building services in the Northern Michigan we also have projects and will work throughout the Mid-West.